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WALLY standing frame has been designed to allow the child to exercise the upright position, prone or supine, according to the chosen therapeutic targets.

The domination over the force of gravity and the acquisition of the upright position are two fundamental principles of child's growth.

Maintaining upright position may not be an easy task particularly for those children with reduced strength or limited muscle control.

A new perspective
"The joy of observing and understanding is the most beautiful gift of Nature."

A project for a better quality of LIFE

By means of different configurations and adjustments, Wally can be customized to suit the needs and specific goals of the child's therapy.

The cross frame design facilitates all-sides access of the assistant or care giver.

Close contact makes it easier for a child to be placed on the aid.

The versatility of WALLY

The Standing frame WALLY allows to reach upright positions, prone or supine, throughout many intermedium tilting positions.

Different tilting positions give possiblity to alternate activity and rest phase, in order to increase the time of use of the standing frame and, therefore, benefit more from the practice.

This also gives to the therapist much wider selection of activities to propose.

Stand actively!

Social benefits:

Using WALLY standing frame, participation becomes even more active.

"Eye to eye interaction" with peers make communication alive, stimulates attention and refine promptness of reaction.

Clinical benefits:

The standing position brings multiple physical benefits including: facilitation of breathing process;

  • postural drainage, particularly of bowel and bladder functions;
  • improvement of blood circulation and bone structure;
  • active head and trunk control;
  • stretching of muscle tissues.

Cognitive benefits:

There are many psychological and cognitive benefits:

  • completely new visual field;
  • access to distant spaces and change of the perspective;
  • developing attention and alertness;
  • new life dynamics created by enriching experiences and knowledges.

Wally adjustments

It is essential that the user is comfortable while using the device, in order to be able to maintain the correct positioning for time long enough.
WALLY standing frame has many adjustment possibilities that makes it fully customized aid for every user.


The height and inclination adjustments

The Standing frame WALLY can be adjusted in height by acting on the pedal placed on the back of the frame, bringing it to different heights from the floor, without removing the child from the device.

The tilting piston allows the adjustment of the inclination with the possibility of blocking.


Adjustment of the thoracic / dorsal belt

The spherical joint mechanism enables the thoracic-dorsal support to follow the child's body line and posture.

It can be blocked in the desired position. Trunk support pads can be adjusted in height, width and inclination.


The adjustment of the pelvic support

Standing in abduction increases the opportunity for the head of the femur to locate into the hip.

The lower limb supports of WALLY standing frame can be adjusted individually

  • with a range from 6 ° up to a maximum of 70 °

Foot support

The adjustments of each single footrest are many:

  • height adjustment;
  • divarication adjustment;
  • adduction and abduction adjustment;
  • extension-flexion and prone-supine adjustment.

The attachment of the sandal has been designed to allow performing all adjustments by acting on one point only.
The sandals are available in 2 sizes.

WALLY accessorized

WALLY standing frame has few functional accessories that enhance active participation of the user.

simple and essential


Has been designed for use in prone or supine position. Easy to attach and adjust for height, inclination and depth.

simple and essential


For children who require minimal head support. It comes mounted on a flexible fixing bracket, giving adjustment for height depth and angle.


It is always advisable to choose the right aid for the patient together with the specialist, the therapist and the trusted specialist dealer. The choice of the best device and its configuration, in order to ensure user's safety, depends on some factors such are:

  • The type of disability, strength, balance and coordination of the user;
  • The types of dangers that the user must face in the course of daily use.
  • The need for options that improve posture, safety and comfort.

Finally, it should be remembered that the final choice of the type of adjustments and options, is the sole responsibility of the healthcare professional and their doctor.

Accessories and customizations are not part of the basic supply.



Lo Designed and built by BIEMME GROUP SRL.

  • We have performed the processing of all the pieces in Italy.
  • We have carefully chosen the materials.
  • We have meticulously followed and checked the manual assembly process.


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