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Hi, I am Felix

FELIX ultralight Manual Wheelchair represents a vision of autonomy as an essential part of the child's growth process directly associated with its cognitive development.

FELIX represents innovative approach to early mobility of disabled children.

FELIX is designed to encourage independent movement giving new possibilities for autonomous exploration of living contexts and building stronger self-confidence.

"No one can be free unless he is independent." 
[Dr. Maria Montessori]

Design of Felix

FELIX is ultralight active wheelchair for children with muscle strength deficit.

FELIX weighs only 3,20 kilograms (7,05 pounds).
FELIX is compact.

FELIX is patent-protected Italian product.


of Felix

Agile Independence

Easy self-propulsion due to carbon fibre wheels.

Two carbon fibre wheels with specific design and smooth surfaces make FELIX very rapid and agile.

Front pirouette caster helps smooth manoeuvring while back anti-tip caster prevents the device from tipping over in case of strong inclinations.

FELIX security hint:

Due to three-spoke design of main wheels, even small children can master the movement with the safe grip.

Solid lightweight

FELIX is just 3.20 kg (7,05 lb)

Single piece ultralight monobloc frame is made of excellent performance materials commonly used for production of structural automotive components.

Carbon fibre main wheel is characterised by elastic, light, but solid structure.

FELIX performance hint:

Self-propulsion requires less muscle effort and passive-active phase switch is smoother.

As special as you are!

Each wheelchair is made with passion in order to offer unique experience.

The frame is available in three brilliant colours: GREEN, WHITE and RED.

FELIX in numbers

A child will grow up in company of ultralight manual paediatric wheelchair FELIX.
With a few configuration adjustments, it will follow the child's development till the age of 7, keeping the performance and the comfort at the same level.

0-7 years

FELIX grows up with child and follows its development until age 7.

3 spokes

FELIX is intuitive and offers safe and easy grip to a child.

2 sizes

FELIX can switch from 18” to 20” wheel in few simple steps.

3,20 Kg

FELIX is so light, but affects so much the quality of life of its small user.

12 months

FELIX helps learning first propulsion techniques because it is suitable for early mobility.

50 cm

FELIX is compact and easy to manoeuvre even in very narrow spaces.

Growing up with FELIX

We have created a few but very functional accessories that complete our ultralight manual paediatric wheelchair FELIX.
Major part of accessories prescribed by health professionals can be easily integrated to the basic structure.

Positioning belt

For better postural position during use of the wheelchair, fastening strap belt can be provided.

Stroller handle

Extended push handle can help family members and caregivers push the wheelchair. It can be fixed on back of the frame and regulated in height so to permit comfortable and easy assistance.

Frame extension

For higher dorsal support, the frame can be extended with two bars easily inserted into frame.

Brake kit

If needed, brake kit can be installed on the rear wheel to secure the wheelchair in place.


We advise to ask your practitioner, your therapist and your trusted healthcare provider to assist you in choosing the right device for you. The choice of size and configuration options of the wheelchair depends on different factors including:

  • Type of disability, upper body strength, balance and coordination ability of the user;
  • Type of the difficulty the user meets during his daily routine;
  • Accessories that contribute to correct position, safety and comfort of the user.

Please note that the final decision on type of the wheelchair to be provided, accessories as well as customize options, are direct responsibility of the healthcare professionals.

Accessories are not included in basic configuration.


Designed and manufactured by BIEMME GROUP Srl.

  • ITALIAN HANDICRAFT: All pieces manufactured in Italy.
  • IMPROVING PERFORMANCE: All materials accurately chosen.
  • STRIVING FOR EXCELENCE: Careful control of each phase of manual assembling process.

Designers Patent No.007380225
Italian Ministry of Health Database Repertory of Medical Devices: REG.NO.1894220

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